Hi, I'm Darlena!

Besides being an avid video gamer and music junkie, I'm a designer with both visual (UI) and interaction (UX) design skills. The two disciplines provide unique, but equally important value to the user. Visual designers prevent accessibility issues and make sure there are meaningful, intuitive affordances for the user to complete their tasks efficiently. They are also responsible for the emotional engagement with the user that can establish trust and a sense of delight. Interaction designers dive deep into the complexities and intracacies of the problem. They consider not only the task that the user is trying to achieve, but also the users' existing conceptual models, other workflows that the user partakes in, and the entire ecosystem design. The marriage of the two disciplines is what I believe results in a truly great end-to-end product. Together, they advocate for the user in different aspects and those efforts together are what make a great experience.

That being said, I'm looking for a role that is more focused on interaction design. While I appreciate great visual design and enjoy doing it to an extent, time flies for me when I'm working with the nuances and intracacies of a problem. I want to engulf myself in a scenario to understand every piece of it. I enjoy working under the constraints of time and development resources. I like the tacticality of figuring out where to push my design boundaries and where energy towards a battle is better fought elsewhere. In sum, I'm a problem solver that enjoys the challenge of working in and pushing the boundaries of a constrained environment.

Design Philosophy

My goal as a designer is twofold: I want to help people save time and allow them to spend that spare time on things they truly enjoy. Inspired by the theory that cooking made us human, I think that humans have always strived to improve the efficiency of various processes so that they can spend that saved time on more interesting things. This dates back to the invention of cooking, the assembly line, and so many other breakthroughs in the name of efficiency. As humans, I believe we have an unquenchable thirst to discover more and reach farther. The process of inventing new things and innovating on existing ones is truly exciting and I feel that my role as a designer allows me this incredible opportunity. I want to help humans everywhere improve efficiency in our day-to-day activities so we can spend our time on more meaningful tasks. I feel that such innovation is fundamentally innate and indispensable to us as humans.

Contact Me

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Send me an email at hello@darlenatran.com